• Service excellence is key to our business and to our industry. We selected Logi-Serve to help us achieve the best guest services possible.

    Sterling Brown, VP of HRSt. Giles Hotels

  • Logi-Serve fills an assessment gap by focusing on external and internal service excellence. It is a very thoughtful and well-developed tool, clearly best in class.

    Brian Tauber, CEOCPP Global

  • Logi-Serve is supported by a team of industry experts and support staff. Logi-Serve is our key tool to select and develop our employees.

    Max Berlin, CEOMeasureComp

  • Logi-Serve's visual assessment system focuses on core areas of sales and service. The unique branding system aligns well with our brand focused culture.

    Heidi Char, SVP of HRPet Supplies Plus

  • Logi-Serve is a deep and scientifically valid tool. We find the tool user friendly, creative and results driven. We highly recommend it.

    Andy Basile, PartnerYoung and Basile

  • In our business service and sales carry our dealerships. Logi-Serve is the most efficient system we have seen that identifies key service competencies.

    Dean Silver, GMVarsity Lincoln Dealerships

  • Logi-Serve delivers improvements in patient satisfaction ratings and builds greater consistency of service within our large diverse practice.

    Dr. Michael Zuroff, PartnerEndodontics, PC

  • Our fitness center has always been known as a top service organization. Logi-Serve makes sustaining high service levels so much easier and more enjoyable.

    Rick Brode, CEOFranklin Fitness Center

Government Services


Customers who say they are willing to spend more with companies that provide superior customer service.

Inc. Magazine (11/2011)

Government at all levels is increasingly being held accountable for the quality of services it delivers. A key reason for this is that improved service quality actually saves money.

For years, government agencies had limited their ways of thinking. They positioned themselves outside of the business world, arguing:

  • “We’re different.”
  • “It’s hard to measure the quality of government service.”
  • “We don’t have competitors, so why should we improve?”
  • “We don’t really have customers.”

Many government organizations are rediscovering what leading companies found out years ago: improving service quality is the key to effective and efficient operations, as well as lower costs, and positive public awareness.

Without a scalable, strategic tool with which to help improve and develop their workforce, these agencies run the risk of alienating their constituencies.

Logi-Serve’s Software provides a non-threatening and cost-effective way to:

  • Assess, evaluate, and develop employees and quality service standards
  • Continuously measure and deliver cost reductions, as well as quality improvement

For example, Logi-Serve’s service stat scorecards let you quickly test, score and rank employees, as well as target areas, that need further development. Many public institutions are now realizing how they can save money and increase their value by focusing on improving the service side of their operations.

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