Job previews that target candidates and improve your recruitment efficiency.

Logi-Serve’s Realistic Job Preview enriches standard job postings with an interactive preview of open positions. Educate job-seekers, pre-screen candidates, and inform your recruiting strategies.

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Target ideal candidates and improve your recruiting.

Logi-Serve’s Realistic Job Preview pre-screens potential applicants through an enjoyable multimedia job exploration activity. Use it to improve job fit among your applicants or to onboard newly hired employees.

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Designed for today's mobile lifestyle

Today’s candidates are on the go and always connected. The Realistic Job Preview is optimized to work across all device types. It’s convenient to access and easy to use.

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Educate, inform, and attract top candidates.

The Logi-Serve Realistic Job Preview is an easy-to-use survey and interactive realistic job preview activity designed to inform job seekers and pre-screen potential applicants or onboard new hires. Enhance standard job postings with an enjoyable day-in-the-life preview of open positions to find your best match.

iconRealistic job previews attract top candidates

The interactive Realistic Job Preview combines best-in-class job science, candidate to job matching algorithms, and interactive multimedia to educate, inform, and screen potential job candidates before or after they apply.

iconBuilt-to-order for any position in any organization

Apply to all job postings within your organization, regardless of position type. The Realistic Job Preview is tailored to every client’s specific needs to provide the most accurate depiction of available positions.

iconDesigned for today’s mobile lifestyle

The interactive Realistic Job Preview is optimized to work across all devices. It’s quick, convenient, and easy to use.

iconFocuses on what candidates most want to know

The interactive Realistic Job Preview is based on research into what factors drive a candidate’s interest in a job and organization. These factors are organized into “Job Zones” that candidates explore interactively.

iconImprove and modernize standard job descriptions

The interactive Realistic Job Preview informs and educates with a realistic preview of requirements, company culture, technology use, and promotion opportunities.

iconEngineered to improve your recruitment efficiency

Rooted in behavioral science, job previews help job seekers self-evaluate by setting accurate expectations of job requirements, producing a better fit and reducing turnover.

iconEducate new hires with onboarding training tools

As an on-boarding aid, they provide new hires with specific information they’ll need to know to get started and hit the ground running.

iconReporting tools that inform recruiting strategy

The interactive Realistic Job Preview collects relevant data throughout the candidate experience. Employers can study and review this data to inform decisions on recruiting and on-boarding strategies.

iconEnhance your employment brand

Our Interactive Realistic Job Preview informs job seekers of your organization’s mission, values, and culture in a visually rich, interactive context. It enhances your employer brand not just through the messages it shares but by the manner in which it does so – demonstrating the importance you place on educating job seekers and fostering job fit.

iconImprove recruiting efficiency and reduce cost-to-hire

The Interactive Realistic Job Preview is designed to excite job seekers who are a good fit for the position, while encouraging others to self-select out. The result: A pipeline of candidates who are better informed and more likely to stay in the job longer and succeed.

iconAccelerate onboarding

New hires who experience the Interactive Job Experience Preview start their job tenure much more knowledgeable about the position and your organization. Informed candidates are much better prepared to contribute value from day one.

iconImprove recruitment strategies

The data captured in the job preview provides recruiters with a revealing view of job seekers’ attitudes toward the role. Armed with these insights, recruiters can refine marketing, sourcing and recruiting strategies.

iconExcite your best candidates

Research shows that fostering a positive candidate experience helps shape brand perception and increases a role’s appeal.

iconReduce short-term turnover

Realistic job previews help job seekers maintain accurate expectations of job requirements. They, in turn, produce a better job fit, which cuts short-term turnover. A Fortune 50 client reported 33 percent reduction in short term turnover.

Logi-Serve helps companies improve critical business outcomes

Customer Testimonial
Geoff Barlow Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Express Scripts We’ve seen a 33% reduction in short term turnover by using the Logi-Serve interactive realistic job preview.
Customer Testimonial
John Leech Director of Talent Acquisition, SJCRH The iRJP provides actionable analytics data on applicant fit, candidate intentions and job attraction with insights that directly tie to effective recruiting.
Customer Testimonial
Kris Johnson VP, Fitness, In-Shape Health Clubs Logi-Serve is a critical, proven tool that predicts job fit, increases sales conversion and improved customer satisfaction rates.
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