Leadership team

Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to helping companies improve how they recruit and develop talent.

Logi-Serve was founded on the belief that assessments can provide an engaging candidate experience and still remain scientifically rigorous. We are proud to develop products that excite and engage job seekers while helping companies optimize their talent investments to drive operational and financial performance.

Eric Krohner President & CEO
Chris Cunningham, PhD Chief Science Officer
Richard Stuhlsatz Client Services Manager
Lawrence Gallant VP, Quantitative Modeling & Operations Research
Esther Gonik Marketing
Debbie Nelson Accountant
Matt Leese Director, Digital Art
Alex Hotra Lead Developer
Enterprise assessment suite

Smarter assessments that predict performance and improve outcomes

Logi-Serve’s employee assessment platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that identity the best candidates, maximize employee performance, and improve business outcomes.

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Realistic Job Preview

Job previews that target candidates and improve your recruitment efficiency

Logi-Serve’s Realistic Job Preview enriches standard job postings with an interactive preview of open positions. It informs job seekers and collects actionable data for employers to refine their recruitment strategies.

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Logi-Serve helps companies improve critical business outcomes

Customer Testimonial
Jonathan Canger Vice President, Human Resources, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Logi-Serve brings scientific rigor, innovation and flexibility…to delight our customers at every encounter.
Customer Testimonial
Kris Johnson VP, Fitness, In-Shape Health Clubs Logi-Serve is a critical, proven tool that predicts job fit, increases sales conversion and improved customer satisfaction rates.
Customer Testimonial
Seth Zimmer Assistant Vice President, Organizational and Assessment Development, AT&T We greatly appreciate all of the attention and great work you do for us to help make us successful in our industry.
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