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Call Centers


Customers who say they are willing to spend more with companies that provide superior customer service.

Inc. Magazine (11/2011)

The most successful contact centers build continuous improvement into their culture, and systematically measure the quality of customer experience.

For example, first-call resolution is a key performance indicator that correlates with lower operating costs, reduced risk of customer defection, higher employee satisfaction, lower turnover, and increased feelings of employee empowerment.

Other key performance factors associated with best-in-class call centers include:

  • Fast response time, the clearest indicator of what customers experience when they attempt to reach a contact center
  • Strong consistency in service levels and contact quality
  • Commitment to evaluating customer satisfaction and empowering employees to make decisions, which help lower costs and resolve issues

In essence, call centers are forced into a balancing act. Basing service strategy purely on efficiency metrics inevitably damages contact quality and leads to customer dissatisfaction. But quality metrics that don’t include quantitative and efficiency measurements will also adversely affect the customer experience, and your call center’s bottom-line.

Logi-Serve’s software enables call centers to test and assess the competencies that drive key service tasks. See how Logi-Serve’s dashboard analytics engine quantifies financial impacts in real time, and how we can measure and improve your key performance metrics, such as:

  • First call resolution
  • Service consistency
  • Issue resolution

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