Smarter assessments that predict employee performance and improve business outcomes.

A comprehensive suite of tools to identify top-performing candidates, maximize performance, and generate measurable value.

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A candidate-friendly approach to identifying & developing top performers.

Successful talent management strategies recognize the importance of the employee experience. Logi-Serve has developed an award-winning employee assessment with an engaging candidate experience. Each assessment utilizes an immersive, job-specific, visual role-playing exercise that is proven to provide a candidate-friendly assessment experience. Logi-Serve employee assessments are designed to predict specific competencies that predict success in service, sales and operational leadership roles. Scoring is customized to your organization’s KPIs to predict job fit and performance with pinpoint accuracy.

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Customer Service Assessment
Customer service and positive customer experiences are key strategic differentiators for organizations worldwide. The Logi-Serve Service Assessment is a proven tool to predict employees' customer service ability, customer referrals, and the ability to provide excellent customer experiences.
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Leadership Potential Assessment
The Leadership Potential Assessment measures core competencies known to predict operational leadership aptitude and abilities at the Director, Manager, and Supervisor levels. This tool addresses an important need in strategic talent management and succession planning efforts that increases employee and organizational productivity.
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Sales Assessment
Logi-Serve is rapidly distinguishing itself as the market's leading assessment innovator for companies seeking to predict and increase sales within B2C or B2B sales positions. The Logi-Serve Sales Assessment offers the market's most direct link to predicting and enhancing sales results and business outcomes.
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image descriptionPositive Candidate Experience

Keep candidates focused and engaged with a superior user experience.

Logi-Serve keeps candidates focused and engaged, eliminating user fatigue that leads to response rut and other data integrity problems. Users describe the candidate experience as enjoyable and easy to use.

Best-in-class assessments for identifying job fit and employee performance.

Logi-Serve offers the only employee assessment that merges rigorous science with value-focused financial modeling, driving measurable performance gains.

iconAssess in less time

The Logi-Serve assessment is typically completed in 20 minutes, and has a 90% completion rate.

iconPredict each candidate’s fit and ability to perform

The Logi-Serve competency framework was built from the ground up to conform to, and support, the highest assessment and business standards for validity, fairness, and equity. Our extensive evidence base provides iron-clad proof that our science predicts job fit and performance.

iconDelivers a satisfying candidate experience

Logi-Serve keeps candidates focused and engaged, eliminating user fatigue that leads to response rut and other data integrity problems. Users describe the candidate experience as enjoyable and easy to use.

iconComprehensive assessment methodology

Our validated assessments combine a personality profile measure, a biographical experience questionnaire, and a measure of candidate judgment in difficult job situations, to accurately predict and develop candidates' competencies in sales, customer service and operational line-leadership positions.

iconAccurate depictions of real job environments

Communicate your organization’s workplace and culture with customized and branded environments. Accurately reflect your organization’s workplace with customized character artwork or scripted stock art, white-label our tool and create branded job environments that illustrate your unique culture.

iconIntuitive candidate scoring system

Logi-Serve predicts job fit, performance and business outcomes, with scores and feedback presented using an easy-to-interpret, globally recognized gold-silver-bronze medal system.

iconCustomized to your business outcomes

Logi-Serve’s advanced scoring methodology allows us to generate a unique scoring benchmark that evaluates candidates based on how likely they are to perform in the job measured by your own KPIs or industry metrics.

iconInteractive candidate response tools

Logi-Serve’s slider bar response system increases the accuracy and intentionality of candidate response. Candidates view response scales with more options as being more accurate and valid than those offering fewer response options.

iconHire and develop top performers

Fortune 50 companies select and build relationships with Logi-Serve because of our leading-edge science and technology, and our ability to predict employee performance and fit.

iconImproves employee quality

The Logi-Serve system is laser-focused on predicting sales, service, and leadership excellence. Using our validated assessments, you can identify and hire the best candidates.

iconDecrease candidate drop-off

With labor markets so tight, no business can afford to lose candidates as they move through the application process. The Logi-Serve assessment is easy to take and fully engaging. Our completion rates of over 90 percent drive better hiring and lower recruiting costs.

iconIncrease financial performance

Logi-Serve ties outcomes to financial impact. You’ll not only reap the benefits of improved employee performance, you’ll also be able to quantify these gains and communicate them to key stakeholders in the organization.

iconEnhance your brand

Use Logi-Serve to enhance your employer brand in two ways. First, our visual scenarios allow you to promote key job and culture-related information to candidates. Second, organizational cues tie the assessment tool more closely to the content of the actual job, adding realism to the assessment and improving the relevance of responses.

iconImprove onboarding effectiveness

The Logi-Serve assessment not only helps you hire candidates with superior potential, it also provides detailed intelligence on how those hires score in critical competencies that influence performance. Managers armed with this information can customize onboarding programs to maximize the effectiveness of new employees.

iconEmpowers continuous improvement

The Logi-Serve assessment is ideal for evaluating competencies in incumbent employees. Develop and train individuals in your workforce through the use of Logi-Serve’s competency insights and analytics.

Logi-Serve helps companies improve critical business outcomes

Customer Testimonial
Megan Berry Barlow Chief Human Resources Officer, Nebraska Furniture Mart At NFM we strive to provide quality service to our customers every step of the way, and that starts with employees that we can count on to be a positive influence on people and processes. We are excited to partner with Logi-Serve…
Customer Testimonial
Seth Zimmer Assistant Vice President, Organizational and Assessment Development, AT&T We greatly appreciate all of the attention and great work you do for us to help make us successful in our industry.
Customer Testimonial
Loren Kennedy Vice President, Human Resources, World Travel Holdings Logi-Serve brings scientific rigor, innovation and flexibility to ensure we identify outstanding employees who live up to our purpose and values.
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