Product Overview


  • Service excellence is key to our business and to our industry. We selected Logi-Serve to help us achieve the best guest services possible.

    Sterling Brown, VP of HRSt. Giles Hotels

  • Logi-Serve fills an assessment gap by focusing on external and internal service excellence. It is a very thoughtful and well-developed tool, clearly best in class.

    Brian Tauber, CEOCPP Global

  • Logi-Serve is supported by a team of industry experts and support staff. Logi-Serve is our key tool to select and develop our employees.

    Max Berlin, CEOMeasureComp

  • Logi-Serve's visual assessment system focuses on core areas of sales and service. The unique branding system aligns well with our brand focused culture.

    Heidi Char, SVP of HRPet Supplies Plus

  • Logi-Serve is a deep and scientifically valid tool. We find the tool user friendly, creative and results driven. We highly recommend it.

    Andy Basile, PartnerYoung and Basile

  • In our business service and sales carry our dealerships. Logi-Serve is the most efficient system we have seen that identifies key service competencies.

    Dean Silver, GMVarsity Lincoln Dealerships

  • Logi-Serve delivers improvements in patient satisfaction ratings and builds greater consistency of service within our large diverse practice.

    Dr. Michael Zuroff, PartnerEndodontics, PC

  • Our fitness center has always been known as a top service organization. Logi-Serve makes sustaining high service levels so much easier and more enjoyable.

    Rick Brode, CEOFranklin Fitness Center

Logi-Serve’s cloud based employee assessment software anticipates the behavior, motivation, and judgment of your workforce. Our Visual Logic™ storyboarding software delivers a visually rich user experience that elicits more accurate data. And our Triangulation Science™ testing and assessment methodology generates business results, showing how emplyees drive your numbers.

Our Academic Heritage

Logi-Serve has been developed in conjunction with Professor Chris Cunningham, an assessment design specialist at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s graduate program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Based on years of academic and business research, Logi-Serve has two specific objectives:

  • Identify candidates with excellent service and sales aptitude
  • Develop existing employees into the best possible service providers they can be

Revolutionary Response Gathering Employee Assessment Technology

Logi-Serve is introducing a unique slider-bar response tool to employee assessment software. This requires respondents to answer questions on a sliding continuum of 1-100, rather than using traditional 1-5 or 1-7 ratings, thus increasing precision and eliminating tendencies toward rote, unthinking responses.

  • Uses an interactive slider-bar response technology to improve response range sensitivity and enhance data measurement.
  • Increases the intentionality of responses, cutting response rut
  • Reduces reliance on anchor descriptors that confuse candidates

Take a closer look at some of the key elements of Logi-Serve™ technologies.

  • Logi-Serve Highlights
  • Logi-Serve Highlights
  • Logi-Serve Highlights

Patent-Pending Technologies

From its introduction, Logi-Serve’s employee assessment technology has received immediate industry recognition. The HR Technology Conference leadership recently ranked it a Top 10 “Awesome New Technology.” And Customer Care News awarded it a Publisher’s Choice 2012 Product of the Year Award.

Logi-Serve is setting the pace in developing employee assessment software by utilizing its key, patent pending tools:

  • Visual Logic™ Storyboarding: Using real-world service scenarios to assess service aptitude and judgment.
  • Triangulation™ Science: Combining situational judgment with past experience, biographical data, and a personality profiler to quickly and accurately predict candidate results

Logi-Serve Certification

The strength of Logi-Serve Triangulation Science, its design as a legally defensible low-risk assessment, its EEOC & OFCCP compliance and financial impact reporting provide an opportunity for organizations to pre-certify their candidate pool. Organizations can use the Logi-Serve Gold and Silver medals and scoring system to certify that individuals possess a high level of excellence for all or any one of the Logi-Serve competencies. This certification comes with the benefit of increased legal defensibility, as well as improved job fit, employee engagement, trainability and reductions in costly turnover.

Real-Time Cloud-Based Analytics

Logi-Serve’s cloud-based reporting engine displays a dashboard with instant business analytics and real-time ROI analysis. Logi-Serve analytics let you:

  • View relevant business metrics instantly
  • Gold Medal Reporting System presents applicant and employee scoring relative to gold, silver and bronze medals. These are less judgmental, and thus more usable, than traditional quality indicator signals (e.g., red, yellow, green)
  • Analyze system-generated, actual-dollar estimates of the value provided by gold medal candidates or employees
  • Compare relevant benchmarks for making hiring and development decisions, as well as for workforce assessment

Serving Your Global Workforce

For global enterprises, Logi-Serve offers the industry’s only solution that scales across regions, cultures and languages. Our platform can be calibrated to deliver to candidates culturally appropriate scenarios in more than 15 languages, with others easily added. It can also generate dashboard and candidate reports in multiple languages such as…

  • French
  • French Canadian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese

For a complete listing, please contact sales.

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