• Service excellence is key to our business and to our industry. We selected Logi-Serve to help us achieve the best guest services possible.

    Sterling Brown, VP of HRSt. Giles Hotels

  • Logi-Serve fills an assessment gap by focusing on external and internal service excellence. It is a very thoughtful and well-developed tool, clearly best in class.

    Brian Tauber, CEOCPP Global

  • Logi-Serve is supported by a team of industry experts and support staff. Logi-Serve is our key tool to select and develop our employees.

    Max Berlin, CEOMeasureComp

  • Logi-Serve's visual assessment system focuses on core areas of sales and service. The unique branding system aligns well with our brand focused culture.

    Heidi Char, SVP of HRPet Supplies Plus

  • Logi-Serve is a deep and scientifically valid tool. We find the tool user friendly, creative and results driven. We highly recommend it.

    Andy Basile, PartnerYoung and Basile

  • In our business service and sales carry our dealerships. Logi-Serve is the most efficient system we have seen that identifies key service competencies.

    Dean Silver, GMVarsity Lincoln Dealerships

  • Logi-Serve delivers improvements in patient satisfaction ratings and builds greater consistency of service within our large diverse practice.

    Dr. Michael Zuroff, PartnerEndodontics, PC

  • Our fitness center has always been known as a top service organization. Logi-Serve makes sustaining high service levels so much easier and more enjoyable.

    Rick Brode, CEOFranklin Fitness Center

Welcome to Logi-Serve, where intelligent business systems (Logic) and desire to help (Serve) inspire our vision and drive our execution.

Few organizations build one game changing product. We’ve designed six in just three years doing business.

Our products, set out below, have a common scientific design, and share data analytics and technology frameworks.

They transform how employers identify, select and develop talent.

And they provide candidates with the means to enhance their job fit and improve job satisfaction – by matching their unique abilities and talents with the best company and available job.

We invite you to explore how we can serve and improve your business.

  • Job Experience Preview

    A unique interactive tool for job seekers and recruiters. It combines best-in-class job science, multimedia elements and job-inventory matching algorithms. For employers, it collects and analyzes user data to improve job marketing, sourcing and recruitng. For job seekers, it provides a compelling experience that intrigues, informs and guides. More ›

  • Assessment

    Our global employee assessment, development and business execution platform leverages a patent pending Triangulation™ Science testing engine- a breakthrough in scientific cross-validation in which each data input is corroborated across three proven assessment protocols. Our sales, customer experience and service excellence assessment combines psychometrics and the tools of mathematical and quantitative modeling. With a wide-ranging […] More ›

  • Customer Experience Surveys

    Logi-Serve’s patent pending visual logic™ survey engine – which captures consumers’ opinions and perceptions – distinguishes us as the first firm to collect data and insights from candidates, employers, and consumers within a financial-modeling platform. Our robust individual predictor engine reports data to improve quality, satisfaction, and business performance. More ›

  • Line Leadership & Management Assessment

    Our established award-winning Triangulation™ science platform predicts line leadership and management performance. It offers a scalable tool that predicts leadership aptitude across industries and delivers high value results anywhere in the world. More ›

  • Assessments On-Demand

    The Logi-Serve Products store enables us to help small and midsize companies leverage the power of our predictive Triangulation Science. In just a few clicks, they can customize the Logi-Serve visual logic™ and Triangulation™ science assessment system to their own brand for any business, anywhere in the world. More ›

  • Social Media Credentialing & Reputation Management

    This pioneering system allows social media users and recruiters to match competencies with open jobs. Logi-Serve does this by scoring individuals’ unique characteristics — based on insights that they agree to provide. Users can search for jobs that best match their competencies, credentials and personal brand. Recruiters can quickly identify job matches against open positions More ›

Discover what Logi-Serve™ can do for your organization. Request a Live Demo Find out why more companies are turning to Logi-Serve™ for their people assessment needs.