Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration Incorporates Logi-Serve in Coursework Focused on Enhancing Hospitality Management


The nation’s pre-eminent hospitality program, Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, announced today that it is including Logi-Serve’s online employee assessment technology into its coursework.

Cornell – which has an international reputation for training the next-generation of hoteliers in properties around the world – will use Logi-Serve to expose students to new technologies that can be deployed to improve guest experiences, control costs and drive revenue growth.

Logi-Serve, a technology innovator in analytics-based assessment tools, uses an advanced storyboarding platform that combines visual role playing with a proprietary business-analytics system to help organizations reduce costs, increase sales and drive high levels of service quality. Uniquely suited to the hospitality industry, Logi-Serve is the Preferred Hotel Group’s exclusive assessment partner and has twice been selected to be showcased at the national HR Hospitality Conference.

“Logi-Serve brings a new level of rigor and precision into the field of hotel management,” said J. Bruce Tracey, professor of human resources management, at Cornell. “We are pleased to be using Logi-Serve to show our students how technology can be brought to bear on controlling costs, while strengthening guest loyalty and encouraging top service standards.”

Eric Krohner, Logi-Serve CEO said, “Cornell has long been a center for thought leadership and innovation in the hospitality industry, so we’re delighted that they are bringing Logi-Serve into their curriculum. We believe that students will quickly embrace the notion that online tools can be deployed to aid in developing a workforce that delivers on the promise of quality guest experiences and improving employee performance.”

About Cornell School of Hotel Administration

The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration is shaping the global knowledge base for hospitality management through leadership in education, research and industry advancement. The school provides management instruction in the full range of hospitality disciplines, educating the next generation of leaders in the world’s largest industry. Founded in 1922 as the nation’s first collegiate course of study in hospitality management, the Cornell School of Hotel Administration is recognized as the world leader in its field. For more information, visit

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