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Best Practices: Preventing Short-Term Turnover Within the Applicant Process

Although not all turnover is bad, all turnover is costly.

New employees are organizational investments, and their value can be measured by the length of time a new employee stays with the organization. Substantial research has determined that early turnover is much more costly to the organization than other types of turnover in terms of financial viability and best use of resources.

Early turnover is often caused by poor screening and selection practices, which result in poor job matches and disenchanted and underperforming employees. To be successful in reducing turnover and increasing retention, and to maintain the viability of the organization overall, the organization must address the problem of employees leaving early in their tenure.

RJPs inform potential employees about details of the job that they are unlikely to know, which research has shown results in a reduction of turnover caused by new employees’ unmet expectations.

Individuals who do accept positions after experiencing what it takes to perform the job ahead of time will have fewer unmet expectations and are much less likely to leave the job which is why job previews have been shown to reduce short term turnover. Despite the evidence that the use of RJPs is an effective tool, there have been few efforts to translate this into a practical, affordable and engaging product offering, until now.

In this webinar, the presenters will provide insights into how organizations can maximize the use of an RJP using an interactive and gamified Job Experience Preview to communicate appropriate information to job seekers, as well gather valuable information for the organization for sourcing and recruiting.

The specific topics that will be covered are:

  • The relationship that exists between managing job seekers’ expectations and short term turnover.
  • Creating a job seeker process that is engaging, informative and aligned with key job fit indicators.
  • Reducing short term turnover and other benefits from enhancing the job seeker experience.

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