Logi-Serve Spectator Newsletter Q1 2019

The Logi-Serve Spectator (First Quarterly Newsletter in 2019) is now available to help you keep abreast of all the exciting work we are doing to help our customers achieve success. You don’t have to take our word for it. In this edition you’ll hear firsthand from World Travel Holdings, the nation’s largest cruise agency and an award-winning leisure travel company.

“Utilizing Logi-Serve not only makes hiring sense, it makes brand sense and financial sense, too.”
—Marilyn McCawley, Director of Talent Management, World Travel Holdings

We invite you to read the attached news updates and see why leading organizations are working with Logi-Serve to bring out the best in their employees and their interactions with customers.

Click here for this edition of the Logi-Serve Spectator Newsletter.

Enterprise assessment suite

Smarter assessments that predict performance and improve outcomes

Logi-Serve’s employee assessment platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that identity the best candidates, maximize employee performance, and improve business outcomes.

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Realistic Job Preview

Job previews that target candidates and improve your recruitment efficiency

Logi-Serve’s Realistic Job Preview enriches standard job postings with an interactive preview of open positions. It informs job seekers and collects actionable data for employers to refine their recruitment strategies.

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