• Logi-Serve offers game-changing solutions ... Logi-Serve's current offerings have a unique ability to bring life to the assessment process.

    Elaine Orler, CEOTalent Function Group

  • Logi-Serve is a most innovative assessment and development tool that fits a niche by providing a scientifically advanced and easy to use system for any sales or service position.

    JoAnne Kruse, FounderHCpartners

  • I've seen virtually every pre-hire assessment product currently available and I can honestly say that Logi-Serve blows them all away.

    Dr. Charles Handler, CEORocket-Hire

  • Logi-Serve elegantly provides the underlying validated research along with some very cool visual storyboard digital art to deliver an outcome-oriented predictive assessment.

    Lexy Martin, Vice PresidentCedarCrestone

  • Logi-Serve has done a masterful job of publishing a best in class selection tool!

    Dan A. Biddle, Ph.D., CEOBiddle Consulting Group, Inc.

  • Logi-Serve fills an assessment gap by focusing on external and internal service excellence. It is a very thoughtful and well-developed tool, clearly best in class.

    Brian Tauber, CEOCPP Global

  • Logi-Serve is supported by a team of industry experts and support staff. Logi-Serve is our key tool to select and develop our employees.

    Max Berlin, CEOMeasureComp

  • In our business service and sales carry our dealerships. Logi-Serve is the most efficient system we have seen that identifies key service competencies.

    Dean Silver, GMVarsity Lincoln Dealerships

  • Logi-Serve delivers improvements in patient satisfaction ratings and builds greater consistency of service within our large diverse practice.

    Dr. Michael Zuroff, PartnerEndodontics, PC

Logi-Serve offers a unique system for companies to screen and develop employees who excel in universally valued business competencies. We invite you to learn the history of Logi-Serve, where we’ve been, and where we are headed.

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    Logi-Serve’s goal is to redefine the human capital technology marketplace through patent-pending technologies that are smarter, faster, and more accurate than anything else.. This is our story. More ›

  • Executive Team

    Creating Logi-Serve has been a team effort. Here is a look at the people behind the product. More ›

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    Logi-Serve is fortunate to benefit from the experience, acumen, and guidance of an accomplished advisory board. Learn more about the members. More ›

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    Interested in exploring ways you can incorporate Logi-Serve into your own service offerings? We are seeking companies wishing to establish effective partner relationships. More ›

  • Our Customers

    Our success is dependent on the success and trust of our customers. Embracing a customer-centric approach and earning trust isn′t just an empty promise; it’s our core belief. More ›

  • Awards & Recognition

    A wide range of industry analysts, thought leaders and trade publications have recognized Logi-Serve for the innovation it has brought to the science of employee assessment. More ›

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