Percepta, LLC. Executes Service Agreement with Logi-Serve, LLC.

Logi-Serve, a new leader and innovator in assessment and development technology for global enterprises of all sizes, has executed a service agreement with Percepta, LLC. Under this agreement, Logi-Serve will provide Percepta with its leading edge, sales and service excellence storyboarding screening and development tool.

“We pride ourselves on our service creativity. We strive to ensure that customers that interact with our team have a great customer experience. Logi-Serve offers a new dimension in assessment science that should enable better alignment with our mission to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. We believe Logi-Serve will be an important asset in driving results for our clients,” commented Kristin Baker.

“The guiding force behind Logi-Serve is to provide a decision support technology that solves key business issues and enhances service excellence and customer interactions for any size sales and service oriented business. Logi-Serve also offers large enterprise customers a truly innovative and strategic assessment and development solution. A host of analysts and industry experts have declared Logi-Serve to be without peer. We are pleased to add Percepta to our growing list of clients” Eric Krohner, President & CEO, Logi-Serve.

Enterprise assessment suite

Smarter assessments that predict performance and improve outcomes

Logi-Serve’s employee assessment platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that identity the best candidates, maximize employee performance, and improve business outcomes.

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Realistic Job Preview

Job previews that target candidates and improve your recruitment efficiency

Logi-Serve’s Realistic Job Preview enriches standard job postings with an interactive preview of open positions. It informs job seekers and collects actionable data for employers to refine their recruitment strategies.

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