Logi-Serve & Talent-Assessment Expert David Hyatt Join Forces with Reseller Agreement


Logi-Serve announced today that it entered into a reseller agreement with David Hyatt, a leading expert in the talent-assessment and Hospitality industry.

Through the relationship, Hyatt – who serves as president of ON, Inc. and has built an international career around assessment, talent management and organizational consulting – will introduce Logi-Serve’s state-of-the-art assessment and development tools to his network of qualified existing clients, and prospective customers.

The addition of Logi-Serve’s state of the art technology-based testing platform to ON’s portfolio of assessment capabilities will strengthen the firm’s focus on improving workforce performance and organizational alignment.

As a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a former president of Corvirtus (an assessment company with a strong presence in the hospitality industry), executive coach with the Center for Creative Leadership and Associate Partner with the Munich Leadership Group, Hyatt has an extensive background in assessments for pre-hire selection, workforce performance and development.

“Logi-Serve has changed the game for those in the assessment field,” Hyatt said. “In my 25 years in the workforce applying assessment tools and developing organizations, I’ve never seen a tool that can make such a powerful difference for service and sales companies. Its engaging user interface, strong analytics based on triangulation science and flexible delivery system make for a remarkable offering.”

“As one of our industry’s longstanding thought leaders, David Hyatt brings enormous reliability and credibility in partnering with Logi-Serve,” said Eric Krohner, president and CEO of Logi-Serve. “By combining his reach and influence with our product, we can make a real difference to companies seeking to differentiate themselves in hospitality, sales service industries.”

About ON, Inc.

ON is an organizational-development consultancy focused on improving the effectiveness of businesses through its focus on organizational alignment. Founded by David Hyatt, a former academic who has more than 25 years of experience in coaching, assessing and developing talent, he is now particularly focused on the hospitality industry. For more information see

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