In-Shape Signs Multi-Year Engagement to Utilize Logi-Serve’s Assessment to Up Sales, Improve Customer Experience


In-Shape Health Clubs, which operates more than 70 state-of-the-art fitness facilities in California, has selected Logi-Serve’s assessment tool to evaluate candidates for key sales roles across its network of clubs.

Prior to signing a multi-year engagement with Logi-Serve, In-Shape conducted research into the relationship between Logi-Serve scores—which measure nine different sales- and service-related competencies—and several of the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs). The study provided powerful evidence that Logi-Serve scores identify sales and service excellence tied to its KPIs.

The study also verified that In-Shape can achieve higher conversion and referral rates, and maintain the highest customer experience standards by screening candidates and developing employees based on high Logi-Serve scores.

“Nothing is more important to us than delivering outstanding customer experiences, so our clients can stay fit, healthy and have fun,” said Kris Johnson, Vice President of Fitness at In-Shape. “We are equally committed to bringing in new clients to benefit from our first-rate offerings. Logi-Serve brings scientific rigor, innovation and flexibility that help ensure our ability to identify outstanding employees committed to delighting our customers at every encounter.”

Eric Krohner, founder and CEO of Logi-Serve, said: “Sales and service organizations are increasingly recognizing Logi-Serve’s ability not just to predict job fit and success, but to provide positive financial impact. The results we have achieved for In-Shape are consistent with those we’ve obtained for other clients in a wide range of fields.”

About In-Shape

In-Shape Health Clubs LLC is one of the top 10 health club companies in the United States. Founded in 1981 in Stockton, CA, with one club and a vision for helping people stay healthy, fit and have fun, In-Shape has more than 70 clubs throughout California that combine the best of fitness, recreation and relaxation. With amenities such as free weights, group fitness classes, indoor and outdoor pools, cardio equipment, basketball, tennis, racquetball and personal training, In-Shape gives members and their families the perfect mix of fun and fitness.

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About Logi-Serve

Logi-Serve is rapidly distinguishing itself as the market’s leading assessment innovator for companies seeking to predict customer service ability, enhance customer experiences, increase sales and build a culture of sales and service excellence. Through patent pending science and tools that pose questions based on story-boarded scenarios, its use of advanced response gathering technology and a validated competency framework, Logi-Serve offers the market’s most direct link to predicting and shaping business outcomes.

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