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Logi-Serve improves quality of hire for an international technology company
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A contact center solution provider managing an outsourced customer service program for a multi-national technology client commissioned a study with Logi-Serve. They desired objective data to inform a decision about whether to continue using their existing assessment for Service Advisors, or whether to switch to Logi-Serve.


A contact center solution provider managing an outsourced customer service program for a global technology client.


Design and implement a Case Study that fairly and accurately compares the performance of the incumbent assessment with the innovative Logi-Serve Sales and Service assessment.


Logi-Serve implemented the innovative Logi-Serve Assessment for this client. To establish a fair comparison between the Logi-Serve Assessment and the incumbent assessment, Logi-Serve designed a rigorous and unbiased study that compared Service Advisors who were hired using Logi-Serve (N=363) to those hired using the existing assessment (N=470).


The study demonstrated that:


    Service Advisors hired with Logi-Serve (versus the existing assessment) converted 36% more sales opportunities and had a 6% higher retention rate.
    High scorers on Logi-Serve were 22% more likely to receive quality assurance ratings of at least “Meets Expectations” than low scorers.


Furthermore, Logi-Serve estimated the financial benefit of the new assessment at approximately $500,000 per year.

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Logi-Serve helps companies improve critical business outcomes

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