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High-Scoring Logi-Serve Retail Sales Specialists sell nearly 6% more!
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Success in the highly-competitive brick-and-mortar retail industry requires competent salespeople who can build valued, trusted relationships with prospective buyers.


A well-respected home furnishing chain that combines broad selection, aggressive pricing, and a family atmosphere.


To increase the sales performance among its commission-based Retail Sales Specialist population, increasing revenue, while maintaining their reputation for service excellence.


Logi-Serve implemented our Service and Sales Assessment, along with a customized benchmark generated from the competency profiles of high-performing Retail Sales Specialists. The resulting profile captured the array of competencies required to excel at sales and still maintain high customer service.


The Assessment successfully differentiated between high- and low-performing Retail Sales Specialists.

The commission-based Retail Sales Specialists who scored in the top 25% on the Logi-Serve Assessment sold an average of 5.7% more than those in the bottom 25%. The overall financial impact of being able to identify high performers was estimated to be nearly $5.0M annually.

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Megan Berry Barlow Chief Human Resources Officer, Nebraska Furniture Mart At NFM we strive to provide quality service to our customers every step of the way, and that starts with employees that we can count on to be a positive influence on people and processes. We are excited to partner with Logi-Serve…
Customer Testimonial
Seth Zimmer Assistant Vice President, Organizational and Assessment Development, AT&T We greatly appreciate all of the attention and great work you do for us to help make us successful in our industry.
Customer Testimonial
Loren Kennedy Vice President, Human Resources, World Travel Holdings Logi-Serve brings scientific rigor, innovation and flexibility to ensure we identify outstanding employees who live up to our purpose and values.
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