Patient Service in the Healthcare Industry

We expect employees in the Health Care industry to possess an innate ability to provide exceptional patient service, after all – they have the heart for such things. Reality, however, dictates that finding and developing employees with a “servant’s heart” in addition to clinical skills is a daunting task and is costing the industry big $$$. With Registered Nurse turnover alone topping 12% in most Hospitals at a replacement cost of in excess of $60,000 each – and Medicare reimbursements tied to HCAHPS (patient satisfaction) scores – it is no wonder Health Care Administrators are searching frantically for ways to hire and develop employees that can deliver exceptional customer care.

Until recently, the shortage of healthcare workers over the past 15 years has contributed to the practice of Managers willing to employ anyone clinically qualified – almost regardless of employment history and certainly disregarding any valid assessment of behavioral traits that support a vision of service excellence and patient/ staff satisfaction.

Sadly, the Healthcare Industry has become the poster child for organizations that claim to value patient and staff care as core values – but when the financial going gets tough – invest resources only if they reduce costs and improve productivity.

As a health care consumer, I have no way to judge the quality of the clinical care I receive – but I sure understand how I was treated, valued and respected as an individual. Logi-Serve allows us to locate, hire and develop people that have the ability to deliver both clinical and behavioral excellence.

Thankfully, change is in the air. Healthcare providers are beginning to realize that employing people with a genuine heart for patient care is the only long term strategy that facilitates reaching a vision of service excellence in all aspects of the business.

Logi-Serve is causing a significant stir in the healthcare arena. For the very first time we have a cost effective, scientifically designed and validated tool that is user friendly, situation based and able to identify the traits and tendencies that drive outstanding customer service.

Logi-Serve’s universally applicable service excellence competencies which can be scaled by subject matter experts as well as by the actual performance results of top performers in the organization’s current or desired culture, result in hiring and development decisions that make a difference.

Health Care is people care – excellence begins with the right people on the team. Logi-Serve will deliver the results you need to excel.

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