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Logi-Serve Sharpens Hiring at Pet Supplies Plus

Posted on Jul 01 2013

Executive Summary

Pet Supplies Plus is a rapidly growing business supplying pet-care products in more than 250 neighborhood locations in 23 states. It began using Logi-Serve in June 2012 to assist in hiring decisions related to Store Team Leader and Team Member positions in approximately 130 stores. A case study conducted over the ensuing nine months showed that Logi-Serve was instrumental in reducing overall employee turnover by 21 percent and creating substantial improvements in secret-shopper experiences.


In the 130 stores covered in the pilot test, Pet Supplies Plus screened over 30,000 applications for Store Team Leader and Team Member positions. When the pilot study concluded in March 2013, roughly 14 percent of then-current Store Team Leaders and 65 percent of then-current Store Team Members had been hired using the Logi-Serve assessment tool.

Outcome Data

The impact of the Logi-Serve assessment on the quality of new hires was determined by comparing data for turnover and customer satisfaction from a period of time before Logi-Serve was utilized against a period of time after Logi-Serve was introduced. Customer service data came from two sets of aggregate mystery shopper scores, from January to June 2012 (before Logi-Serve) and from July 2012 to March 2013 (with Logi-Serve).

Logi-Serve Sharpens Hiring at Pet Supplies Plus image"Logi-Serve is clearly reducing costs and aligning with our business mission to drive store revenue through higher customer service quality. We look to deepen our use of the many impressive features Logi-Serve offers."Heidi Char, Senior Vice President Human Resources

Analyses and Findings

Turnover. There was a 21 percent decrease in turnover (voluntary, involuntary and other) when Logi-Serve was used with the current Pet Supplies Plus applicant screening process.These reductions have a direct financial perspective on store performance. Based on conservative assumptions, Logi-Serve enabled Pet Supplies Plus to reduce it costs associated with turnover by 21 percent, or $175,000.

Regarding turnover (involuntary, voluntary and other), there was a 21 percent decrease when Logi-Serve was used with the current Pet Supplies Plus applicant screening process.

Customer service. Results of a store-level analysis indicate substantial improvements across all secret shopper dimensions. Secret shopper scores from the period of time following Logi-Serve implementation were significantly higher than those from the period preceding Logi-Serve implementation.


Logi-Serve had a highly positive impact on both turnover and customer service once included in Pet Supplies Plus’ updated applicant screening and selection process.

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