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Logi-Serve’s proven scientific employee assessment methodologies and breakthrough Visual Logic™ storyboarding technology make it the best system in the marketplace to predict sales and service aptitude – before and after hire.

Take a closer look at some of the key elements of Logi-Serve™ technologies.

  • Visual Logic™ Storyboarding
  • Visual Logic™ Storyboarding
  • Visual Logic™ Storyboarding

Visual Logic™ Storyboarding

Effective employee assessment is going visual and interactive. And Logi-Serve is leading this movement with a smarter engine and more engaging user experience than ever before.

Just as a good story holds an audience, Visual Logic™ storyboarding captivates those being assessed – eliciting more accurate, meaningful responses.

Unlike text-based methods, Visual Logic™ storyboarding utilizes graphics that simulate real-life job situations down to the finest detail, like facial expressions and body language. Some features include:

  • Realistic environments that mirror actual jobs, workplace situations and captures a scenario’s emotional content
  • Visually driven approach that predicts key job competencies, forethought and trainability
  • Higher engagement that generates more accurate data

Through the use of adaptive digital art and advanced software logic, Logi-Serve can easily configure and project the subtleties of the workplace.

Revolutionary Response Gathering Software

Logi-Serve’s interactive slider bar method engages the user, elicitng subtler responses that provide more predictive results. This breakthrough response system:

  • Uses an interactive slider-bar response technology to improve response range sensitivity and enhance data measurement.
  • Increases the intentionality of responses, cutting response rut
  • Reduces reliance on anchor descriptors that confuse candidates

Triangulation™ Science

Logi-Serve’s patent-pending Triangulation™ Science technology validates employee assessment data across multiple dimensions. Just as a physician might deploy a multidimensional protocol to pinpoint a diagnosis, Logi-Serve reliably identifies a candidate’s suitability by triangulating multiple factors. These include:

  • Situational decision-making and role-playing exercises that assess judgment
  • Data about past experiences that predict future performance
  • Personality profiles that contrast and compare ideal versus real traits

People Brand Employee Assessment Configurability

Scientific research shows that users get the most out of employee assessment software when they connect using them with their position, and even their employer. That’s why Logi-Serve gives you unprecedented abilities to tailor certain parameters to your needs:

  • The ability to select the Visual Logic™ scenario environments that match your industry and position detail by detail
  • The scope to brand the visual interface and Visual Logic™ system with a proprietary branding zone feature, which aligns your company brand with those who represent it

Discover what Logi-Serve™ can do for your organization. Request a Live Demo Find out why more companies are turning to Logi-Serve™ for their people assessment needs.